Tears of God


TEARS OF GOD is an upcoming feature-length film.

From Montclair Film Festival's synopsis: "In the rural countryside, Ida (Kate Lyn Sheil) struggles to cope with the loss of her father. Her community is ravaged by demonic possession, with only the single voice of Father Samuel (Samuel Herring) crying out against the madness overtaking the town. But Ida wants to reunite with the dead, and the only path she sees is communion with and surrender to the evil that surrounds her. Robert Hillyer Barnett’s TEARS OF GOD is a beautifully atmospheric horror film that tears at the fabric of social order, a meditation on mass hysteria cast in chiaroscuro, illuminating only despair."

Maryland Film Festival (2015)
"FUTURE/NOW" competition at Montclair Film Festival (2015)

Directed by Robert Hillyer Barnett
Written and Produced by Robert Hillyer Barnett & Diamando Proimos

Kate Lyn Sheil
Lindsay Burdge
Samuel T. Herring
Kira Pearson
Audrey Speicher
Amara Gyulai
Michael Crabtree